Evaluating Your Glass Pool Fencing Options

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Glass is one of the options you have when it comes to pool fencing. It is a contemporary option; one that lets you enjoy added perks like uninhibited views of your pool and maximum pool heating. When it comes to choosing a glass pool fence, you have a few options that can help you customize your fence and compliment your pool as well. Read all about them below.

Glass color

A lot of the glass pool fences installed feature glass in its natural state –clear. This is a safe option if you do not want to experiment with color. However, if you would like to get something different, you can have your installer stain your glass with a color of your choice. The process only tints the glass a little such that the transparency is not inhibited. You can get tints of blue to match with your pool or other shades like light green or wine red. Tinted glass will cast a glow of the respective color you chose over your pool area.


When it comes to framing, you have three options to choose from; framed, semi-framed and frameless. Framing in a glass pane provides added support and covers the glass edges. However, frames are not a must as fencing glass is already robust and features smoothened edges. However, frames do add a bit of structural support. Nonetheless, if you want to retain maximum aesthetics, frameless glass is the way to go. If you're torn in between, you can go with semi-framed glass which features minimal framing thickness.


Another thing to discuss with your pool installer is how your glass fence will be mounted. There are several options for this too. If frameless, your glass will be mounted on stainless steel spigots right at the ground. This may be complimented with additional metal claps right at the top if your fence is high. However, if your glass has framing, it will be held in place by aluminum or steel posts. The posts will be connected to the glass frame via metal claps.

Decorative additions

Function aside; you can still make your glass pool fence stand out by incorporating some art ideas. One way of doing that is by having your glass etched with decorative patterns or lines along the edges or at the corners. You can also get patterns etched onto the glass as long they are not large enough to make the glass opaque.

Talk to your pool contractor such as Standrite Australia Pty Ltd and choose the specific details and materials you'd like for your fence. They can also provide you with added ideas from what they have worked on with other clients.