Properly Fixing Damaged Chain Link Fencing

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Chain link fencing is a very popular type of fencing for many people. They are extremely durable and are fairly easy to carry out numerous repairs on. Some of the most common issues with this type of fencing is rust developing, holes appearing or having bent rails. This article looks at how to repair all of these problems, and begins with the tools needed to carry out the work.

The Tools

The following tools will enable you to carry out a proper repair job:

Posts And Rails

Posts and rails are areas of the fencing that can weaken and cause further damage. The rails and posts can be made from different material, and can become rusty, rotten or bent. Although posts usually slip out quite easily from their holders, the rails – especially if bent anywhere – can be harder to remove. If you have a rail that is bent and will not slide through the hole so it can be removed, use the powered hacksaw to make a cut in the rail; both sides should slip out easily after being cut.

Repairing Damaged Links

Damaged links usually cause problems at the top of the poles, allowing small gaps to develop. Repair kits can be purchased, or links can be used from spare pieces of unused fencing. Use the links to close the gaps at the poles. In some cases, a carabiner is ideal for doing this repair job. It will close the gap, and offer a secure fix for the link to the pole.

Dealing With Holes

It is fairly easy to repair holes in the fencing, due to the fact that there are a few ways to do it. The best way is to use a piece of spare fencing to cover the hole, and secure it in place with either clips or wire. There are many types of wire mesh you can use to repair the hole, and you may have some suitable wire mesh in your shed, for example. If you do not have any spare fencing, you could purchase a section of wire mesh, and secure that into place.

You can also purchase a replacement link kit, which allows you to fix the sections of mesh to the ringlets, if the links on your fence are badly damaged.

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