2 Simple Tips for Making Your Home Fencing More Attractive

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It's said that good fences make for good neighbors, as fences can easily mark off property lines and keep pets where they belong. While a fence can also add security to your home, it can easily make your yard and property look a bit drab or more like a prison than a house if you don't give enough thought to its overall appearance.

When shopping for fencing supplies you should be mindful of your budget but you also want to choose a fence that creates an attractive environment for your outdoor space. Consider a few simple tips for making your home fencing more attractive.

1. Mix up the materials

One of the best things you can do to make a fence more attractive is to mix up the materials. This keeps your fence from looking too utilitarian and creates some eye-catching appeal. As an example of how you can do this, you might add thick wooden beams to sections of a plain chain link fence, to create what looks like frames.

You can also use thick beams as standing posts every so often, to break up the look of the plain chain link. Stone or cement as posts between sections of chain link or of a wood fence can also make it look more stately and handsome, or you might choose stone or cement as a base for a chain link or metal bar fence.

Glass is also a good material to mix up the look of a fence. You might add glass sections to the top of a wood fence to let in more light, or add glass sections along a wood fence for the same effect. Consider adding hanging plants to the glass panels, for privacy and some nice greenery along your fence.

2. Add color

Why settle for a plain grey fence for your home when there are so many colors available for any material you choose? A chain link fence can be powder-coated or covered with a plastic of any colour; white can make it look clean and crisp, or red can coordinate with a brick home. If you choose a wood fence, paint it white or rusty red for the same look, or choose a green shade if you like earth tones. Metal fences can also be powder-coated virtually any color. Choose a shade of tan if you want it to look unobtrusive, or you might choose slate so that it stands out against your colorful landscaping.