Make Your Existing Gate More Secure With These Modifications

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A security gate is a great way to secure the perimeter of your property and ensure no one enters your property without detection. However, if you aren't ready to invest in a security gate, you may need to modify your existing gate. Here are four safety measures you should consider if you want to make your existing gate more secure:

1. Electronic-Opening Systems

One of the main purposes of a security gate is that it lets in certain people while denying access to others. If you have a gate that swings or rolls open easily, you can add an electronic-opening system to it. These systems work like overhead garage doors in that they are activated by an electronic opener or by a code punched into the gate. Anyone who doesn't have a code or an opener will simply encounter a locked gate.

2. Motion-Activated Security Cameras

Unfortunately, even if an intruder cannot open your gate, he or she may try to enter your property anyway. For this reason, you need a motion-activated security camera. A motion-activated camera turns on as soon as motion is detected near your gate. You can set up the camera so it sends an immediate alert to your phone, and then, you can tune in on your smartphone or laptop to see what's happening. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep an eye on your gates.

3. Gate Alarm Or Sensor

In the event that someone runs their ute or other large vehicle through your fence to ram it open and you are not near your smartphone or laptop (to watch video of the event), you want an alarm attached to your gate. An alarm or sensor can be attached to the gate so that every time the gate opens, a blast sounds. Regardless of where you are on your property, you will hear the blast, and you can respond accordingly.

4. Electrified Wire

While cameras and alarms can alert you that an intruder is near your gate, these deterrents only have the power to scare intruders. They do not do anything else to repel them. For that purpose, you may want to consider electrifying your gate. Laws on electrified fences and gates vary depending on where you live, but as long as your area allows it, you can buy spools of electrified wire that are easy to fit to a gate or fence. The electrified wire hooks up to a discrete power box that you can store near your gate.

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