How To Decide On The Right Fencing Material For Your Home

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Before you have a fence installed, you want to ensure you take time to choose the right material. You may be thinking of just having the cheapest fence that you can find installed, but remember that you will be looking at the fence surrounding your property for years to come. Choosing the right material will mean a fence that looks good while still providing you with the privacy or security you need. You also need to consider the durability of the fence material you choose, and investing in a material that doesn't need repairs over the years can be worth the initial cost. Note the following:

1. Wood fences

Wood fences provide you with full privacy from your neighbors, and they offer the advantage of being able to change their color over the years so you have some variety in its look. However, they are not very durable against moisture and may need refinishing every few years. They also may warp and rot when exposed to the chemicals used in pools, so they may not be the right choice around a pool area.

2. Glass fences

A glass fence is very difficult to scale so it actually offers a tremendous amount of security against intruders. Glass is also impervious to water and chemicals, which is why it's often used around commercial pools. It can also give you an unobstructed view of your pool if you want to watch your children from inside the home. Glass doesn't provide much privacy however, so you may want to consider adding a frosted design in certain areas that keep you from the prying eyes of neighbors.

3. Wrought iron bars

Wrought iron bars are also very difficult to scale, especially if you add pointed finials to the top. Most areas have legal requirements about how far apart the bars can be placed so that children and animals don't get stuck between them, so this type of fence may look busier than you imagine. This fence can give your home a very stately look but not much privacy. Iron may also be prone to rust after some time, so the fence may need refinishing.

4. Chain link and wire

Chain link and wire fences are usually the most affordable but can also be the most drab and plain. They are also typically not very durable and are easy for someone to climb. While you may choose this option for your fence to save money, you might be prepared for consistent repair work as the sections of fence get pulled away from their posts and as they may tend to rust and discolor over the years.

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