What to Find Out before You Install New Fencing around Your Property

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A good fence around your property can insulate your yard from noise and give you privacy and security. However, before you install a fence around your property, you want to ensure you know everything involved so you choose the right material and size and are happy with your fence and its installation. Note a few things to find out before you install new fencing around your property.

1. Find out any restrictions as to its height

Most neighborhoods will have restrictions as to the height of a fence, so that neighbors do not have their view blocked and the neighborhood doesn't look like a compound. In some areas, you may be allowed to build a taller fence in your backyard than your front yard. Whatever the restrictions, be sure you check with your city, your local homeowner's association, your county, or whatever other legal entity might determine these restrictions.

2. Find out if you need a permit to install a fence

Not all towns will require you to get a permit to install a fence, but some will; this may depend on if you're installing a new fence or replacing a current fence. You may also be required to have the city or county come out and mark off buried power lines or other cables so you don't interfere with those when it comes to your fence's installation. Your city clerk's office can tell you what type of survey is required before you install a new fence. Be sure you check on this before you schedule a fence installation or just start tearing up  your old fence.

3. Ask what happens with your old fence

When you hire a contractor or fence company to install a new fence, you can certainly ask what happens to your old fence. If you're very eco-conscious, you may want to ensure that it's recycled or reused where possible. Wood fences can often be repurposed for any number of projects, and metal fences can also be fabricated and melted down. Glass is very easy to recycle and reuse. Rather than just have your old fence wind up in a landfill, ask what happens with the old fence and choose a contractor that recycles.

Along with asking about your old fence, ask if they use recycled or eco-friendly materials for your new fence. This can mean recycled metal or wood, glass that has been reclaimed from other projects, and the like. Contact a company like Phantom Fencing to get started.