Reasons to Consider Chain Link Fencing for Your Commercial Storage Lot

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As a commercial storage owner, you know the importance of having secure areas on your lot. You may have the entire lot itself enclosed. However, this type of enclosure may not be as secure as you would like. This can lead you to the choice of enclosing specific areas to add security. Here are a few reasons to consider commercial chain link fencing as an option for that secure enclosure project.

Height Options 

One of the reasons to consider commercial chain link fencing is the height options available to you. The misconception is that chain link fencing comes in very few height options, with the common heights being low for residential enclosures and building height for industrial or commercial enclosures. The truth is, chain link fencing is available in virtually any height you need. For example, you may have one area of your commercial storage that will house flatbed transport. Another area of your storage may house skip bins. With chain link fencing you can accommodate the height needs for both of these storage items.

Coating Options

Depending on your business and location, you may want to have a coating placed on your finished commercial chain link fencing. The use of a vinyl chain link coating can help maintain the durability of your fencing. It can also help reduce rust, damage and other issues that you may be concerned about regarding the upkeep and strength of the fencing itself. Though most of the coating options do come in flat black or grey colours, there are other colour options as well. This means you can choose the best coating for the appearance of your fencing as well as your business curb appeal.

Quick Installation

Once you decide on commercial chain link fencing for your commercial storage business, the next step will be installation. You do not want an installation process that could take a long time. You also don't want an installation process that can leave your clients items exposed. One of the benefits of using commercial chain link fencing is the quick installation. In most cases, a fencing contractor can have the fence installed within a day to two days. This gives you fencing quickly, security quickly and keeps the items in storage secure for your clients.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider commercial chain link fencing for your commercial storage lot. If you think that chain link sounds ideal for your needs, contact your local fencing contractor. They can help with options, pricing and questions you have regarding various chain link sizes and heights. They can also schedule an appointment for installation.