3 Things to Look For in Temporary Steel Fences

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If you're hiring temporary fencing for an event, then you may have decided to go for steel barrier fences. You think that these fences will be strong enough to cope with the crowds you're expecting.

However, strength isn't the only thing you should consider. Temporary barrier fences have some features that are worth looking out for. What are they?

1. Stable and Unobtrusive Feet

Temporary fences rely on their feet to stay upright. These feet may be built into each fence panel or may be added separately. It's important to choose feet that can hold the barrier in place even if people are leaning or pushing against it. Longer, flat feet that extend out of the panels or feet that have ballast added inside them to make them heavier both help keep fences upright.

It's also important to make sure that the fence feet don't give people attending your event any problems. For example, if a fence has a prominent steel foot, then people may bang their shins against it or even trip over it as they walk past. If the foot is flat on the ground or is coated with plastic, then this is less of a problem.

2. Panel Interconnectivity

While individual steel fences create a barrier, it's not hard for people to move an individual panel to open up the line. This gives you a less effective control barrier.

However, if you hire temporary fences that can be connected together after you erect them, then they form a more secure and stable fence. People can't move individual panels as easily. The fences also become stronger, making it less likely that people could push them over.

3. The Ability to Move Panels

While you need your temporary fences to be strong and sturdy, you also have to think about how easy they are to move. You'll need to install the fences before your event and take them down again afterwards.

You may even want to move fencing around during the event. For example, if you realise that an area is getting too crowded then you may feel that it's safer to fence off part of it. It is far easier to put up, move and take down fences if they are lightweight and easily portable. So, while you want some weight in your fences, it's also important to factor in portability.

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