3 Reasons Why Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Is Popular

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Most homeowners do not know the role that a pool fence plays on their landscape. Notably, you cannot achieve a spectacular pool landscape with a drab-looking fence. Currently, modern homeowners are gravitating towards frameless glass pool fencing for several reasons. Read on to understand how pool fencing can transform your pool.

Unobstructed View -- Whether you are hosting friends or relaxing by yourself at the pool, you still want to enjoy the view of your backyard. Unfortunately, it is not possible if you have a fully or partially opaque pool fence obstructing your view. That is what you get from wooden or steel pool fences. A frameless glass pool fence's transparency is an attribute that homeowners should not take for granted. It offers an unobstructed 360-degree view of the entire landscape surrounding a pool, which is great if you have a scenic view. Additionally, a frameless glass pool fence encourages you to set up quality relaxation furniture that blends well with the pool area and the immediate surrounding.

Safety -- While residential pools are a fun feature, you should not forget that they are also a safety hazard, especially if you have kids. It is easy for an unsupervised child to walk through the back door and fall inside an unfenced pool. Steel bar fences make it easy to climb over and are still risky to children. Moreover, the obstructed view makes it challenging for a guardian to see an unsupervised child on the inside section of a pool area. Since a frameless glass pool fence is fully transparent, you can easily see a kid straying around a pool and take quick action. Frameless glass also lacks grab-points where a child can hold and climb over, making it a safe material for a home's pool fence.

Easy Customisation -- Customising pool fences can be hard work and expensive with certain materials. For instance, steel bar fences have to be fabricated according to the desired design, a process that requires energy, time and money. Similarly, a wood fence requires delicate handling to curve a custom design. Customising a frameless glass pool fence is arguably the easiest option, and the best part is that a homeowner can do it as a do-it-yourself project. You only have to buy decals of your choice and paste them on the glass, a process that takes a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of your pool. Not only does such customisation add aesthetics to a pool, but it also prevents birds from colliding with clear glass.